I am a physiotherapist and healer with 30 years clinical experience. I would describe myself as an interdisciplinary generalist, rather than a specialist, which gives me a wider perspective. After qualifying in Germany in 1989, I gained broad experience through working in a wide variety of environments, ranging from the American Medical Clinic in St Petersburg, Russia, to a children’s charity in central London. I have worked in a women’s prison, in an ashram in India and in the NHS in Southampton, I ran a mother and baby clinic for Sure Start in London and conducted teaching clinics at the College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy. Being keen on learning, I have along the way trained in a number of disciplines.

Over many years in practice, I came to understand that healing comes from within  and is a manifestation of our life force. Health is life going well . It would follow that dis-ease is a manifestation of life perhaps not going so well?

When you seek my help, I promise you a safe and confidential listening space and a holistic perspective on what ails you. We will explore realistic changes you can make and I shall be a supportive partner with a good sense of humour on your healing journey.

I agree with the great Paracelsus that the doctor can have a stronger impact on the patient than a medicine or therapy.

Yours in health,

Dasha Andrews


Physiotherapy, Germany (1989).

BSc (Hons) in Health Sciences and Classical Homeopathy, University of Westminster, London (2004).

Diploma in Cranio-Sacral Therapy, College of Cranio- Sacral Therapy, London (2004).