Over the past 20 years I have come to understand that as a therapist I work with your whole being  (physical, mental and emotional) rather than treating your symptoms.  I realise that I am not the healer; the healing  comes from within and my role is to support that process, with manual techniques, massage, remedies, life style changes, optimising nutrition and working with trauma.

I originally trained in Germany as a physiotherapist and have been practising  since 1989.

I studied Health Sciences and Homeopathy at University of Westminster, London, where I graduated as a Classical Homeopath. The course is  accredited by the Society of Homeopaths.

I also qualified as a Cranio-Sacral Therapist from the  College of Cranio- Sacral Therapy in London.  Following my training I joined the tutor team for four years and ran teaching clinics.

In the past I worked in Germany and Russia as a physiotherapist. I ran a mother and baby Cranio-Sacral Therapy clinic for Islington Sure Start  and was therapy coordinator at a children’s charity, called  Palace for All in London.

I was a senior Physiotherapist for NHS Solent in Southampton.  I am currently running my Holistic Health Clinic in Brockenhurst.

I look forward to meeting you. I promise you a safe and confidential listening space and a holistic perspective on what ails you. I will be a supportive partner with a good sense of humour on your  healing journey.

Kind regards