We work ‘hands on’ to treat all kinds of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries with a  combination of gentle manipulation and mobilisation techniques , as well as massage. We may be drawing on tailored Pilates and Yoga exercises to stabilise adjustments.

I specialise in whiplash related neck and back issues and chronic headaches. When there is a strong emotional component or trauma related to the physical problem, I tend to combine Physiotherapy with Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

We also want to help you age gracefully. I am a trained Otago Exercise Practitioner (OEP) , which is an evidence based strength and balance retraining program designed for elderly clients. This might be for you if you had a fall and lost your confidence.  I will use my experience running a Falls Clinic at Royal South Hants Hospital and working with the elderly in Community Services .

We may  look at posture, lifestyle, sleep, as well as levels of stress and exercise. We will work out long term strategies to help yourself . We can, if you wish, discuss dietary adjustments to optimise your healing capacity and age appropriate nutritional requirements.

HPC Registration number: PH43020

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy membership number: 088124