Physiotherapy Testimonials

After a serious car accident October 2019, Dasha was recommended by our insurance company for physiotherapy for my wife & I and Dasha was not only very friendly & welcoming, but very professional and extremely knowledgeable about which physiotherapy was appropriate for us, along with cranial sacraltherapy and general wellbeing.
We have not only made a good recovery and progress with Dasha, but we also have some yoga/pilates exercises to continue our recovery and maintain good overall health for the future. 
We just want to say thank you Dasha for all your help, support and advice. It is much appreciated. Steve and Amanda Gudge, Romsey


Over the last 1.5 years I have had Physiotherapy at Dasha’s clinic in Brockenhurst. I had 3 knee operations during that period. I first came to see her after my first knee operation in August 2018. It started out as a serious meniscus tear, but the real issue was severe arthrosis. The first two operations did not help with either the pain or the functionality of the knee. For some time, it looked like my only option was to replace the knee. Dasha referred me to a knee specialist at the Spire Hospital in Southampton, who performs a pioneering regenerative technique, implanting the patient’s own stem cells into the joint surface. Six months after my 3rd knee operation, I am positive that it was successful and I can get back to an acceptable activity level.

Every appointment with Dasha has been a combination of exercises and treatment. Dasha is a highly skilled Physiotherapist who really cares about her patients. She is also dedicated to find long term solutions for her patients and has prepared me to go back on my bike, and also to do my main hobby, cross country skiing when I now move back to Norway. I give Dasha my highest recommendations. T. I., Brockenhurst

I have suffered with lower back disc problems for many years and undergone two surgeries. Over the years I have been treated by many osteopaths, chiropractors and the like and I can honestly say that Dasha is in a different league to them all. When I first started seeing her my back was in one of the worst states I have ever suffered and both physically and emotionally I was incredibly low. Her skill, depth of knowledge and experience have helped me immeasurably. However, as well as these key ingredients she also brings incredible intuition, empathy and genuine concern which, by helping on an emotional level, in turn helps the physical. Dasha heals in a holistic way which is extremely powerful and this short testimonial cannot truly express in words what she has done for me and my back.  N. B., Brockenhurst

My neck feels so much better. Dasha is very thorough. She treats more than just the physical pain, she has helped me mentally and emotionally through the trauma of my car accident.  Hillary  H, New Milton

I found the treatment given 1st class. Dasha is very knowledgeable in her field, everything about the treatment was explained. I was put completely at ease. All in all an exceptional service.  John W., Lymington

Dasha is very personable with a good sense of humour, she made me feel at ease immediately. She educated me how to look after my back in the future.  Kate A., Milford on Sea

 I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my physio sessions with Dasha. She helped me resolve my back injury after the car accident. The fact that she is such a nice lady meant the physio treatments were always a pleasure, I cannot thank her enough.  Adam S., Southampton

 Cranio-Sacral Therapy Testimonials

I started seeing Dasha when I was unwell and off sick from work. My diagnosis is still unclear medically as to whether I had a post virus illness, long Covid or whether I was plain and simply completely burnt out. I had pains in various parts of my body, no energy whatsoever and felt overwhelmed with what was happening to me.
Dasha treated me with homeopathy and also with cranio-sacral therapy.
The cranio-sacral therapy was very gentle and I would often feel a particular part of my body demanding attention. Dasha would ask me if any image or memory came to mind. Sometimes memories did and other times they didn’t. Each time I had a treatment the pains I was physically experiencing would get less, I slowly gained more energy again and I felt like emotional baggage was released. Some baggage I had been aware I was carrying, other baggage I wasn’t but once I became aware of things, it was like a jigsaw fitting into place and I could clearly see certain patterns of behaviour that were not healthy.
Dasha is kind and caring. She worked at my pace and was always considerate of how I was feeling. At times, Dasha challenged my thought pattern but she did do in a gentle, non- aggressive and caring manner. 
I would wholeheartedly recommend Dasha – a very special person!

I went to Dasha with what I thought was a sinus problem, affecting the whole of one side of my face. I was instantly impressed by the depth of her knowledge but it is this combined with Dasha’s deep listening and genuine concern for her patients’ wellbeing that makes her exceptional. Dasha looks beyond the obvious symptoms to work with the root cause of the pain. Obscure as some of the methods may seem at first, they make strong intuitive sense and she has a straightforward approach, explaining things in a very honest and inclusive way. After each treatment I left feeling not only calmer but also enlivened, liberated. To be freed from the pain without having to resort to drugs was a great relief. Best of all, Dasha has given me the means to deal with the symptoms myself when they do recur. This is real healing.        M. N., Brockenhurst

Dear Dasha
I just wanted to thank you so much for the help you have given my family and I through cranial sacral therapy. When I first read the blurb about CST in the Sure Start newsletter I wasn’t sure if it would be right for us to come along but as the birth had been difficult – 14 hours of labour on only gas and air and then an emergency caesarian – I thought we would ‘qualify’ especially as Amelie was a little bit colicky when I first made the booking. Not knowing anything about CST I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t realise that you would be able to help with the trauma of losing one of our twins half way through the pregnancy especially as it took me five years to get pregnant on the sixth round of fertility treatments, and the knock on effects this would have on myself and my husband.

As you know Jack and I had one or two counseling sessions but the work you do is like magic! I don’t know what it is exactly but all I know is that it works. Both my husband and I have felt so much better after your sessions. I can see now that there was still so much grief literally trapped inside my body probably even on a cellular level and through your work it feels as if this grief has been lifted from my body and now the real healing process can start. I expect this is what alternative therapists refer to as the holistic approach to healing. I think generally women tend to be more open to this kind of thing than men and I know my husband is always far more skeptical than me but even he had to admit that he is starting to feel a shift and that it is really helping him.

Once again, thank you so much.  Emma R, London

Craniosacral Therapy released the physical chest pain and head pain resulting from the loss of a baby. It was the first step towards recovery without which I never would have been able to get over the depression and the physical pain.

In only 3 sessions it cured my headache, cleared my lungs, helped release my breathing, and gave me valuable tools to cope with anxiety and expressing my grief. I had been unable to work as an actor for many months. I am ready to move on now.

Dasha Andrews has been more helpful to me than a physiotherapist, osteopath, heart surgeon and a psychologist combined, and I am very grateful to her.  Jack R, London

Dasha has the most wonderful warm hands and as they make you feel safe all sorts of forgotten emotions and pains come out. I never know what to expect in a session, tears or calm, but I always feel better afterwards – my husband says I float around all day. I had a very bad road accident 13 years ago and thought the resultant aches and pains were with me forever. Now they are dissipating, my posture is improving and I have more energy. She is amazing.    E. H., Lymington

Homeopathy Testimonials 

Dasha has been so helpful in my journey of giving up sleeping pills. With her wise words, homeopathic remedies, nutritional advice and endless listening….I have done it! Ten years of using prescription drugs have now been replaced with peaceful nights’ sleep with at most the occasional herbal tincture. Visits to her tranquil studio looking out over her country garden enhance the therapeutic experience and Dasha’s calm, friendly, enquiring personality makes you feel at home and able to share at a deep visceral level, leaving you feel renewed and recharged.  Patricia, Tiptoe

Can’t think of anyone else able to offer such kind and special help with healing. M.N., Brockenhurst

Thank you Dasha for helping with our daughter’s various problems. Being able to offer the range of treatments of Cranio, Homeopathy and Physiotherapy has really helped her overcome the problems she was born with – scoleosis and hip displasia. You treated her as a whole person  and I am pleased to say that she is nearly walking (at last) and holding herself upright plus her skin is so much better after the homeopathy which gently helped her without any side effects.  E.S., Brockenhurst

I was at my wits end when I went to see Dasha with my 3 year old little boy. He had been suffering from ear infections and upper respiratory infections with temperatures reaching 40C every 2-3 weeks ever since he was 6 months old and had been literally on antibiotics constantly since then.
We hadn’t had one proper night sleep since he was born and this was making him prone to major outbursts and bad behaviour and me a nervous wreck!! … His diet was also very milk and pasta based which I was sure wasn’t helping matters…
Well what can I say Dasha turned my world around within only a few sessions of seeing her. She started by taking a thorough case history of my son, going right back to his birth and delivery and then proceeded to ask me in depth questions about his likes and dislikes in regards to food, fabrics and whether he liked hot or cold things …. little did I know that all these questions would lead to Dasha making her prognosis and giving him various homeopathic remedies…
Dasha put me onto a retainer so I was able to call her come night or day when my little man was ill. Not only was she a huge support to me but within about 6 -9 months my son who was due to have grommets fitted was ear problem-free and can I say it SLEEPING the whole night through without a peep… A Miracle!
Dasha is an extremely dedicated and highly knowledgeable Homeopath who is very caring and fantastic with children.. I could not praise her any higher and I will be indebted to her for helping my baby boy .  H.C., Brocknhurst